Interdisciplinary Creator

Elyse Saunders is known for her focus on line work and washes of bright colours. Her patterns tell a story of intimacy, curiosity, and boundaries as they reflect on identity. Heavily body focussed, the exaggerated gestures of her characters move from restraint to freedom as they tangle with their truth.


More about Elyse... 

Elyse has been in the fashion industry for close to 20 years working as a model, artist and overall creative.

Living abroad has encouraged her creative passion, gaining inspiration in the ups and downs of a nomadic lifestyle. Finding safety in creativity, she embraced new ways of creating as often as she changed cities. Elyse has also collaborated on projects as an artistic director, where she has been gaining traction behind the lens, as well as in front. With a keen three-dimensional eye, and empathic nature, Elyse embraces whimsical yet complicated narratives. This can be seen throughout her personal work. A lover of story telling, her appreciative and thoughtful eye looks for moments of connection.

Her message is clear: Don’t build walls, understand boundaries, and then explore them.